Telecommunication network construction

Telecommunication networks’ functionality and availability is constantly improved by building new and by renovating old networks.

We build base stations, 4G and other telecommunication networks around Finland for telecommunication companies. We offer comprehensive and competent project management as well as construction services according to the customer’s plans.

Telecommunication networks are built by our trained and competent staff. We use reliable high-quality machines and tools. Our strengths are quality, efficiency and positive and flexible staff.  We can carry out various telecommunication network construction projects at the same time.

Blowing method is a new way of install optical-fiber cables and build telecommunication networks. Our staff has been trained to build and blow optical-fiber cable networks. The first FTTH (Fiber to The Home) project in Kattilalaakso, Espoo has been already completed in 2017 and handed over to the building project owner. After the pilot project in Kattilalaakso, we have started several other FTTH projects in Helsinki metropolitan area.